A single person may believe in a cause, but it takes a groundswell to put belief into action. One individual may care and lend a hand but it's together that we form a community - an interconnected web that supports us all.

That's the idea at the heart of Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital (SMGH). We bring together caring, competent professionals - physicians, nurses, and other medical experts - who deliver high-quality health care, close to home.

SMGH is a partnership. The hospital cares for the community, and in turn, we depend on the community to care for the Hospital. Support from individuals, businesses and community clubs provides technology, equipment and training - the lifeblood ensuring SMGH remains a progressive centre for health care.

As a community partner, we're counting on your help to achieve this vision. How? By participating in one or more of our fundraising programs. Call Tara Coote at 519-246-5906 to learn how you can become involved today.