Making a significant impact on local patient care.

The quality of care a hospital provides is no longer measured by the number of hospital beds. With so many procedures performed on an outpatient basis, today it’s more about the skilled medical professionals and technology a hospital has that impact how quickly it can diagnose patients.

All technology needs to be refreshed, and we need to keep up to date with hardware and software, as well as plan for its eventual replacement. Bottom line, when it comes to your health, you don’t want to settle. When you feel ill, you want a diagnosis as quickly as possible, and you want it close to home.

You can make a one-time gift or a pledge in support of patient care. A donor may wish to pledge a larger amount to be paid over time (months, years, decades), allowing for a greater impact on care and a more significant recognition opportunity.

To make a pledge, please complete our Pledge Form, then mail or deliver it to SMGH Foundation. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to know more.