Together, We Will build security for the future and respond to the region's changing health care needs.

Creating a Nest Egg

Saving for a rainy day is one of the basics of sound financial management. Whether you’re an individual looking out for your family, or a business owner planning for the future, building a savings account is key. Savings provide a cushion of security, allowing you to weather tough times or seize opportunities when they arise.

It’s no different for Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital (SMGH). SMGH’s endowment is a perpetual savings account that is invested and produces a dependable source of income for the hospital. Each year, the Foundation spends interest generated by endowment funds. The hospital uses this money to purchase patient care equipment, to upgrade technology and for ongoing staff education.

Our Vision: Your Health

At SMGH Foundation, our vision is simple: the 10-year plan is to grow an endowment so that the hospital has the flexibility to expand future patient services. We must secure enough funding so that when a new patient care priority is identified, there is funding available to implement that new service immediately.

Contributions may be made to any of the funds listed below.

  • Dr. Patrick Crowley and Dorothy Doan, RN, Professional Excellence Fund – supporting professional education for hospital staff.
  • Dr. Mason Sharpe, Equipment and Technology Fund – putting our patients and community care first by purchasing the most advanced technology to provide the highest quality health care.
  • Mary Trudell Fund for Breast Cancer Education – investing in breast cancer community education and awareness.
  • Harold and Gladys Eastman Memorial Fund – expanding our circle of care in the community by funding highest priority needs at SMGH.

Won’t You Join Us?

To keep SMGH strong, and provide high-quality health care close to home, we must grow our endowment. Your gift to the Foundation will help build the nest egg that will preserve our community hospital, ensuring the health care services are here when you or your family need us most.

To contribute to the endowment or learn more, please contact:

Susan McLean, CFRE
Chief Executive Officer
O: 519-245-5632
M: 519-521-5299
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