Thank you for your support!

The SMGH Foundation appreciates every gift received from individual donors, community groups, organizations and businesses. We wish to thank and convey the significant impact our donors have on patient care at Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital.

Donor Recognition

Through our donor recognition programs, we extend our gratitude to you for helping the hospital to fulfill its mission. SMGH Foundation has adopted the Donor Bill of Rights and these principles underline our donor recognition and stewardship that seek to honour and value you, the donor, and the support afforded the Hospital.

Donors Circle / VIP Discount Card

To honour the many devoted donors who support the hospital year in and year out, we have created the Donors Circle.  Donors who have supported annually for three or more consecutive years are recognized as members of this Giving Society.  Membership is renewable annually. Donors who are part of our Donors Circle have or will be mailed a certificate along with a VIP Discount Card which provides a 10% discount at the following retailers: Amy's Restaurant, Doug & Marion's Bike Shop, SMGH Auxiliary Gift Shop and The Mens Shoppe/Her Boutique. Please note that each retailer may have certain restrictions.

Please contact us to learn more about the many other recognition options available.