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Together, we will diagnose causes of discomfort or illness and develop the most effective treatment plan to restore health.

We’ve come a long way since the stethoscope. 40 years ago, if a patient was in pain, exploratory surgery was often the only option. Advanced diagnostic technologies like ultrasound and CT scan have resulted in huge improvements for patient care.

The generosity of community members like you brought a CT scanner to SMGH in 2007. Our scanner is transforming our hospital, allowing physicians to quickly and non-invasively diagnose ailments and significantly shorten wait times for scans. Today, it is the most heavily used piece of equipment at the hospital.

But like your desktop computer, what was state-of-the-art will someday be out of date. To provide the highest standard of care — what you, our patients and donors, deserve — we need to regularly upgrade older equipment with better, more efficient technology.

That’s where you come in. Support from friends like you allows us to invest in the most current technology, which ultimately means better care for all.