Circle of Friends.

Our special Circle of Friends donors belong to a dedicated group of individuals that contribute to support the hospital in a very convenient and affordable way. By making a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly contribution to support the hospital, you can make a very significant impact on patient care.

Every Little Bit Helps

Community health care is a partnership. Just as you can’t care for your health alone, the hospital can’t exist without your support. You and your family depend on us to provide the very best care. To keep SMGH strong, we must invest in technology, equipment, and continuing education.

Every single donation helps. No matter how 'humble' you may feel these donations seem to you, whether you donate $5, $15, $25, $50 or more, they all add up.

As a Circle of Friends member, you help to further reduce fundraising costs associated with printing and mailing receipts. You receive one annual receipt at year-end, and we keep you informed with our Together, We Will newsletter, Impact Report and tours of the hospital and invitations to other special events.

To join, simply fill out our donation form or call us at 519-246-5906. All that is needed is an indication of how much you would like to contribute either weekly/biweekly or monthly, and how you would like to pay. You can use a credit card or simply drop off or mail a void cheque to begin a convenient EFT (electronic funds transfer) through your bank.